Little Truckee River, Nevada

Little Truckee River

Little Truckee River, the most popular fishing section is the tail water that flows out of Stampede Reservoir into Boca Reservoir. There is a high population of trout–which may be difficult to catch because of tail water clarity–but can offer great dry fly fishing. Species of fish include Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout.

This river can be our best Dry Fly fishing for most of the year.

All Little Truckee Trips are done through N.F.S. permitt under Matt Heron Fly Fishing.

  • Wild and Scenic: The Little Truckee River flows through pristine landscapes, providing a peaceful and secluded fishing experience.

  • Quality Trout Fishing: Known for its healthy population of wild rainbow and brown trout, the river offers consistent action for anglers.

  • Fly Fishing Paradise: With its clear waters and abundant hatches, the Little Truckee is a favorite spot for fly fishermen.

The Little Truckee River, a smaller tributary of the Truckee River, is renowned for its serene environment and productive waters. This idyllic stream offers a peaceful retreat for anglers looking to escape the crowds.